Annalisa Califano

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Annalisa Califano

Chemical Engineer, truly passionate about environmental issues.

She is currently working on Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and TPM implementation in Tecla Plastiche Italiane, convinced that the best way to work and reach the goals is through collaboration and sharing passions and ideas, no matter the hierarchical positions within a plant. She thinks that everybody should apply continuous improvement techniques to everyday life.

She developed a keen interest in green chemistry, in innovative and alternative processes and renewable energy.She studied bio-based, biodegradable alternatives to conventional polymers making compostability tests in a lab respirometric apparatus and investigating their mechanical properties.

Then she managed to design chemical plants using simulation software “aspen plus” to get the optimal economic and operating conditions. She graduated with a master degree thesis titled “An iterative hybrid algorithm for process optimization of a multi-product lignocellulosic biorefinery”.

She loves nature and dreams a cleaner, eco-friendly world. She loves art, music and cinema and speaks fluently French and English.