Lean Conference in Turin

Lean Conference in Turin
Friday, November 2, 2012


Lean Conference titled Continuous Improvement: The Way of Thinking and Acting for the Sustainable Competitiveness of Enterprises was held in Turin, 30th October 2012 in Giovanni Agnelli Hall of the Centre of Industrial Union Torino. 
The event represented an exclusive opportunity for the companies to explore, with world-renowned Lean experts -   professor Jeffrey Liker and Joseph Ricciardelli, the topics of the proven value management system realization in all areas. 
It was an inspiring workshop for all entrepreneurs who wanted to learn about Toyota culture - cradle of Lean, but also how to build the culture within one's organization. 
Furthermore, as a part of a new 'glocal' project Searching for Excellence in Italian Industrial Field , Mr. Ricciardelli presented The Intercar Way, one in a row of case studies for the next book authoring Mr. Liker and Mr. Ricciardelli that is to come out in the first half of 2013.