Project 'Destination Kragujevac': technical table

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pordenone, June 16th, 2011. The third technical table of Finest  was held dedicated to training, following the signing of the cooperation between Serbia and Friuli Venezia Giulia,on 10 May this year, [see newsletter of 19th May 2011: link] and the desire to coordinate entities involved in the process of project construction "Destination Kragujevac" through a series of technical meetings aimed at strictly defining the modalities of intervention in Serbia by promoting the introduction of System Italy.


Set of five tables have already been held on June 9, on the day dedicated to infrastructure construction and transportation, and the next, between July and September, will focus on the business and finance as a constant reference point,  mainly for companies that could operate in Serbia, Kragujevac in particular, where major investments are planned by Fiat  and where is it possible to imagine a significant number of Italian investors.
In September, "at the end of this cycle, we will make a sort of handbook for companies on the Serbian market, so that they can take advantage of knowledge already acquired by the Italia System and can start their internationalization path with greater confidence," said President Finest Renato Pujatti in his speech at the second technical table: 
 Audio from the conference
- Renato Pujatti, Finest Spa. Listen(16:37)
- Paolo Perin, Finest Spa. Listen (01:11)
- Luciano Pozzecco, Regione FVG, Direzione centrale cultura, sport, relazioni internazionali e comunitarie, Servizio integrazione europea, rapporti internazionali e gestione finanziaria. Listen (08:32)
- Miriam Delbianco, Direzione centrale lavoro, formazione, commercio e pari opportunità, Servizio programmazione e gestione interventi formativi. Listen (17:13)
- Luciano Moro, IAL FVG. Listen (04:13)
- Marco Manganaro, Obiettivo Lavoro Spa. Listen (18:03)
- Paolo Perin, Finest Spa. Listen (02:17)
- Amleto Scarponi, Nuova Gerim D.O.O. Listen (11:51)
- Elisabetta Vecchio, Università degli Studi di Udine. Listen (05:21)
- Giacomo Borruso, Università degli Studi di Trieste. Listen (03:15)
- Joseph Ricciardelli, Tecla Consulting. Listen (05:15)
- Chiara Cristini, Agenzia regionale del Lavoro. Listen (01:57)
- Claudio Di Giorgio, Informest. Listen (05:42)
- Renato Pujatti, Finest Spa. Listen (05:03)