TetraPak Visit

TetraPak Visit
Thursday, April 7, 2016

In partnership with Industry Forum, Tecla Serbia has helped organization of a group visit to Tetra Pak, plant in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia - a winner of the world’s top award for manufacturing excellence. Presented by the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance, the World Class Total Production Maintenance Award recognizes facilities that have achieved outstanding levels of production reliability and efficiency.

12 global top leaders of Owens Corning plants visited the Plant with the aim of seeing the Best TPM practice, hearing about their TPM journey and ask about experience in overpassing some of the main roadblocks along the way.

For all of participants, it was a highly useful and inspirational one-day visit. Some great ideas were born within participants who left the premises and the country willing and motivated to either start up / continue TPM journey in their own sites.

Many thanks to our partners of Industry Forum to suggesting this trip. Special and many thanks to Tetra Pak organization who gave their best to make this group tour smooth and the visit itself, value adding for all.