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Change Comes From the Top
4. August 2014.
Out is one more SCGM Lean episode, written by Tecla Consulting. In this issue you can read about latest Lean company accomplishments seen by its CEO, Ms. Sandra Cadjenovic and new head of sales,...
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Tecla Academy promotes
4. June 2014.
Tecla Academy proudly promotes "The Human Being of the Future"   by Daniele Boido in Italian - now available on Ebay !     The Book promotion was held in...
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Tecla Academy promotes “The Human Being of the Future”, 14th and 15th May, 2014 in Salerno
27. April 2014.
    A fusion of ancient and modern knowledge to understand who we are and the external reality.  Tecla Academy invites you to participate in a unique event that will lead...
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10 Ways to Live a Happier Life
9. February 2014.
  Feeling down? Maybe we can help you!   You just need a click here and we will share with you 10 Ways to Live a Happier Life , an article by The Express , based upon 10...
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8. January 2014.
  Real Spirituality is based on our current reality and was created for those of you who desire true success externally and internally. By focusing on various stages of personal...
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Develop Lean Leaders with us!
25. December 2013.
Tecla Consulting is inviting You to join Liker Leadership Institute (LLI) for one of three online Lean Leadership courses. Learn about The Toyota Way to Lean Leadership,  Principles of...
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